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CASp SOLUTIONS LLC is licensed by the California Division of the State Architect and specializes in both Federal and State accessibility laws. We are based in San Diego but our services are available state wide.

Here at CASp Solutions we will provide you with the following services:

  1. Following a thorough inspection of your business, we will provide you with a comprehensive Inspection Report detailing what violations (if any) have been found. Throughout this report we will document each violation with photos and a detailed explanation of what needs to be corrected. Our reports are prepared for the explicit purpose of making the complicated ADA regulations easier to understand and will be made available to the client online, as well as in a bound copy.
  2. In addition to the Inspection Report, we included a detailed Repair Letter, something not provided by other CASp Reports. As an addendum to the Inspection Report, it will provide you a detailed list of suggestions for each repair giving you a starting point and a better idea to judge if additional design is needed. Included in the Repair Letter, are simple drawings that give you a visual idea of that is needed to achieve compliance.
  3. A registered Disability Access Inspection Certificate which should be displayed in a prominent location, showing to all that the business owner has taken proactive steps to comply with the ADA regulations.

All of which can be used to help protect you against costly court fees or expedited court-settlement procedures if you are ever sued or charged for failure to meet an accessibility standard.

Building Owners and Tenants
Having a CASp survey of your property or business allows you to create a plan to make your property accessible. All repairs do not have to be completed at once but you must be doing something! Having a survey and a plan in place is the best way to help avoid costly lawsuits. When the plaintiff’s attorney asks: “What have you done since opening your business to make it more accessible?” The best answer is, we have a transition plan in place, had a CASp survey preformed and here is the list of all the repairs we have made to date.

Pre-Purchase Evaluations
We will provide you with a detailed report that lets you know ahead of time all the areas that will need to be repaired to meet the current state and federal accessibility codes. The selling agent isn’t going to bring up details that may kill a deal. Don’t get stuck with thousands of dollars in repairs after the deal.

Construction Services for Owner
As a building owner be sure that your newly constructed or remodeling project is compliant with the latest codes. Inspections can be be done throughout the project or upon completion. Just because the building department signed off on the project doesn’t mean it meets the code.

Construction Services for the Contractor
As a contractor be sure your subs have it right before small mistakes turn into costly delays. The local building officials will not be missing the ADA stuff for much longer. Don’t get caught at the end of a job waiting for the final only to find out the walkways, and restrooms don’t comply. We offer an ongoing inspection program to catch the little things early. Providing the owner a certificate of compliance upon completion shows that your project was completed to the latest standards.